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Istanbul Airport Car Hire

Renting a car from Istanbul Airport (IST) is the best way to enjoy independent and unstressed rides in Istanbul. Plan your journey exactly as you wish, without having to waste time catching a taxi or waiting for the metro, tram, or bus. You will find plenty of car rental companies at Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), therefore, you should make your research and compare prices and deals to find the best-suited car hire for your visit to Istanbul.

As the car rental agencies at Istanbul Airport are numerous, you will find any vehicle category you may search for, from family sedan cars to minivans and from economy models to luxury and expensive vehicles. You may also find it interesting that the most popular rental-car model in Istanbul is Renault Symbol and Hyundai i20. In any case, if you are up to 4 persons and you travel light, you should choose a small car as the roads in Istanbul are usually congested and finding a parking spot is hard. All the car rental offices and counters are located on the Arrivals floors. Thus, you will easily trace down the best car hire deal and reserve yourself a low-cost but efficient car rental vehicle.

Car Rental Companies in Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is a world-class airport providing top-quality services. Therefore, no matter which car rental company you are looking for, from international car rental agencies to local providers, it is almost certain that you will find it at Istanbul Airport. Explicitly, the car hire companies present at Istanbul Airport are:

Istanbul Airport Car Rental for Foreigners

To hire and drive a car in Istanbul, you must have a valid national driving license and 2-years of driving experience. An international driver’s permit is useful but not obligatory. However, if the personal information in your driver’s license isn’t also written in Latin characters, an international driver’s permit or an official translation in English will be certainly required.

Car Rental Tips


The final price for your car rental depends on various factors. The vehicle’s type, the renting period, the chosen insurance package, and the extra amenities are only some of them. However, the average cost for an Istanbul airport car rental is 25€-30€.
Istanbul’s roads are usually congested. In fact, the city’s traffic jams are notorious. Moreover, parking on the streets is almost non-existent, while the local drivers tend to disobey the traffic laws. Nevertheless, an airport car rental is always a good idea when independence and convenience are put on the table.
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